Welcome! As part of my participation as a presenter in the world’s biggest Translation event (the 2018 International Translators’ Day hosted by proz.com), this is an ongoing project where I share “toolkits”, tips and articles for those who are starting out or interested in the translation industry.

Some of you have been brought here from my discussions of the relevance of SEO (search engine optimization) for a language service provider. Please note that a $100 off discount code is available to those who sign up for the Self-paced SEO Online Training developed by Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing. Use the code “proz” and save 30% off of the regular course fee!

All of the downloadable toolkits were created using Piktochart. This is a non-exhaustive list and as always, I look forward to your suggestions, comments and feedback!

The downloadable Infographics

The Translator’s Checklist (before you accept a project)

The Translator’s Checklist (after project completion)

Inspiration for your blog/website

31 Inspirational Brand Colors And How To Use Them

Tips for building your personal brand

32 things you are doing wrong with your website design

Website Footer Design Best Practices: 27 Things to Put at the Bottom

Building your business

What is the right rate for your translation services?

11 tips for new translators on the hunt for their first assignments

How to Find and Approach Your Ideal Clients through LinkedIn

22 more reasons why an agency might stop working with you

10 social media tips for small businesses

17 Tips For Getting Your Small Business Started With Social Media Marketing

Website vs Social Media: Why Your Business Needs a Website



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